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By Returnalyze on October 06, 2023

Returnalyze Among 2023 Top 30 Innovators in E-Commerce Loss, ECR TOP 30

Returnalyze is among the ECR Top 30 Innovators in E-Commerce Loss for our potential to positively impact day-to-day e-commerce operations.

The ECR Retail Loss Group provides essential knowledge, insights, tools, and techniques to help members sell more and lose less. Considering our goal to help businesses improve their customer experiences, business operations, and bottom line, it’s safe to say we have a lot in common.

That’s why we’re thrilled they’ve included Returnalyze in their Top 30 2023 E-Commerce Loss Innovation Challenge.

The businesses included in this list have “demonstrated new and fresh thinking when it comes to day-to-day e-commerce operations across pre-delivery, fulfillment, logistics, and returns.”

Read on and discover more about the ECR E-Commerce Loss Innovation Challenge and why you should be paying attention to the innovators included in this list.

How The ECR Top 30 E-Commerce Loss Innovators Were Selected

To create this list, the ECR Retail Loss Group collaborated with Co:Cubed to identify innovations with the potential to make a substantial impact on e-commerce operations. 

The panel of judges was comprised of digital loss prevention experts from more than 15 international brands, including A&F, Best Buy,, Desigual, Frasers, and Next. 

Over a six-month period, Co:Cubed identified potential candidates, and then the panel of judges whittled the long list of 125 innovators down to the 30 listed below: 

  • Anura
  • Apruvd
  • Arkose Labs
  • Bolt
  • Chargebacks911
  • Chargeflow
  • ClearSale
  • Covery
  • DataDome
  • Datavisor
  • Eye4Fraud
  • Fingerprint
  • Forter
  • Fraudhunt
  • Fraugster
  • iDenfy
  • Netacea
  • Nethone
  • Onfido
  • Persona
  • Ravelin
  • Red Points
  • Returnalyze
  • Risk Ident
  • Sift
  • Signifyd
  • SpyCloud
  • Veeqo
  • Wink
  • ZafariLabel


Why The Top 30 Innovations in E-Commerce Loss Matter

E-commerce has rapidly expanded since the pandemic. While that is a good thing, it also comes with challenges. ECR Group Strategic Coordinator Colin Peacock clarified that “...with upwards of 30% of online sales coming back—a significantly higher rate than for physical retail—managing reverse logistics can be tough.”

From taking payments and order fulfillment to returns fraud and theft, retail challenges today require innovative solutions. That’s why identifying these innovators matters. 

The purpose of this challenge is to recognize and celebrate those who are making a difference. ECR Retail Loss Group hopes to encourage new ideas, strategies, and collaboration with forward-thinking companies.

John Fonteijn, Chair of ECR Retail Loss, says, “Innovation is what drives success in the retail sector. So we’re delighted to be able to recognize that these companies are finding new ways to reduce retail losses in e-commerce and improve profitability in this ever-challenging sales channel.”


Returnalyze: Revolutionizing Returns

At Returnalyze, our mission is to revolutionize the retail industry by reimagining the function of returns management from a point of friction and burdening cost center to a revenue driver, a consumer experience compass, and a business transformation catalyst.

We’d like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the ECR Retail Loss Group for including us in their Top 30 List. We know returns data has the potential to provide actionable insights that transform businesses, and we’re excited to continue working alongside our clients to do just that.

Interested in harnessing your returns data? Schedule a demo or contact our team today.

Published by Returnalyze October 6, 2023