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Returnalyze is the leading AI-driven returns analytics software company for retailers, empowering brands to reduce return rates, lower operational costs, uncover hidden revenue opportunities and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Purpose-built specifically for retailers, Returnalyze’s AI analyzes millions of returns to provide data-driven prescriptive recommendations on how to not only reduce the cost of returns but also generate incremental revenue. 

Returnalyze has emerged as the industry’s leading authority on best practices for retail returns—we know what works, what doesn’t, what’s normal, what’s not. 

No longer must returns be simply the cost of doing business. Returnalyze flips the script—we help retailers turn returns into revenue. From Day One.

With Returnalyze, customers have:

Reduced returns by 15-20%
Improved repurchase rate by 6%
Realized millions of $$ in incremental revenue

Our Values



We take pride and ownership in our company. We hold each other, our customers and our partners accountable. We drive and take a proactive approach ensuring mutual success.



Our customer's success is at our core. We strive to exceed their expectations, and be their best partner. We employ an iterative approach, where we constantly learn and improve outcomes, all while maintaining focus on their business objectives and never letting up on accuracy and precision.



Our innovation is rooted in an open mind and plenty of creativity. All ideas are welcome, and a consistent process evaluating and executing them is what brings them to life. We keep our focus, and always make sure we solve business problems first.



We are passionate about our people and our business. We hire the best people and we celebrate diversity, encouraging all opinions and ideas. We believe collaboration is essential to success and we love to win!


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