One Intelligent Dashboard.

Get full visibility, build your returns vitals, and uncover granular insight.




Seamlessly onboard, structure, and visualize all of your data.
  • Drill down by product, customer segment, channel, manufacturer, and more...

  • Create custom entities to accurately define your offering

  • Identify product outliers 

  • Create benchmarks, trends, and custom comparisons

  • Automate customized alerts

Frictionless Data Integration

We made data onboarding and activation on the Returnalize platform seamless and painless with simple FTP file transfers as the standard. No need for API keys and data syncs. 



Refine your consumer experience and turn churned customers to loyalists
  • Understand and measure product bracketing and exchanges

  • Improve product marketing using product retention scores

  • Understand customer behavior to inform the optimization of CRM programs

  • Optimize returns policy based on consumer behavior


Lead your operation's digital transformation
  • Identify and optimize warehouse inefficiencies

  • Analyze product assortment impact for dimensions such as color, materials, etc.

  • Improve inventory ordering and distribution timing and efficiency

  • Predict and anticipate returns for newly launched products

  • Forecast returns and optimize marketing

  • Measure recoverable revenue opportunity

  • Early detection of spikes and trend changes in existing products

Powerful Business Solutions

The Returnalyze platform empowers data-driven retailers with tailored solutions that directly impact their customer relationships operational workflows and marketing activities.

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