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Returns Vitals

Create an omni-channel view of your returns landscape

From the manufacturer to the consumer and back again. Returnalyze empowers you with full visibility in one dashboard and a set of tools to see and respond to your consumers’ behaviors:

  • Visualize and filter any cohort, segment, category, brand, supplier, region, etc.

  • Measure KPIs such as: return rate, items sold, profit loss, return cost, etc.

  • Automatic outlier detection

  • Customized alerts

  • Trend anomaly detection and more…

Our PastForward Methodology

The Returnalyze Customer Success team will advise you on vertical-specific best practices and trends, help you prioritize and build standardized processes, and track progress on your Return Reduction Plan. And our Onboarding team will provide full service data integration, insight setup, alert customization, and ongoing training.  


Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Optimization

Expose a unique perspective on consumer behavior
  • Increase your basket size while lowering your returns by understanding bracketing, exchange, and co-purchase behaviors

  • Understand correlation or mismatch between consumer actions, ratings, and sentiment scores

  • Uncover demographic and geographic consumer buying and returns behaviors

  • Correlate site and product user experiences to returns behavior

  • Resolve issues such as damages, defects, shipping delays, incorrect items shipped, and more

Operational Efficiency

Drive efficiency and digital transformation across merchandising, manufacturing, and operations
  • Analyze regional (US or Global) return trends

  • Identify and predict drop-ship issues and delays

  • Reduce pick/pack errors causing shipping delays

  • Create cross-organizational procedures from the moment a return is initiated

Revenue Optimization

Refine your product and category revenue analysis, forecasting, and spend according to actual bottom-line numbers
  • Optimize the product assortment and understand customer sensitivities to price/promos

  • Optimize marketing spend at the product and customer levels

  • Optimize products onsite and within marketing strategies

Can the returns user experience drive retention?