Finding the Problem Shouldn't be the Problem

Returns analytics is not just a tool, it’s a methodology


Returns Vitals

Create an omni-channel view of your returns landscape

From the manufacturer to the consumer and back again. Returnalyze empowers you with full visibility in one dashboard and a set of tools to see and respond to your consumers’ behaviors:

  • Visualize and filter any cohort, segment, category, brand, supplier, region, etc.

  • Measure KPIs such as: return rate, items sold, profit loss, return cost, etc.

  • Automatic outlier detection

  • Customized alerts

  • Trend anomaly detection and more…

A Framework and a Methodology

The Returnalyze Customer Success and onboarding teams provide full service data integration, dashboard setup, alert customization, and ongoing training. We will advise you on vertical-specific best practices and trends, help you build standardized processes, and track progress on returns reduction plans


Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Optimization

Expose a unique perspective on consumer behavior
  • Increase your basket size while lowering your returns by understanding bracketing, exchange, and co-purchase behaviors

  • Understand correlation or mismatch between consumer actions, ratings, and sentiment scores

  • Uncover demographic and geographic consumer buying and returns behaviors

  • Correlate site and product user experiences to returns behavior

  • Resolve issues such as damages, defects, shipping delays, incorrect items shipped, and more

Operational Efficiency

Drive efficiency and digital transformation across merchandising, manufacturing, and operations
  • Analyze regional (US or Global) return trends

  • Identify and predict drop-ship issues and delays

  • Reduce pick/pack errors causing shipping delays

  • Create cross-organizational procedures from the moment a return is initiated

Revenue Optimization

Refine your product and category revenue analysis, forecasting, and spend according to actual bottom-line numbers
  • Optimize the product assortment and understand customer sensitivities to price/promos

  • Optimize marketing spend at the product and customer levels

  • Optimize products onsite and within marketing strategies

Can the returns user experience drive retention?