Turn Returns into Revenue Today

AI-Driven Actionable Insights to Reduce Returns, Unlock Revenue and Improve Customer Loyalty.

Make Sure Your Customers Come Back, Not Your Products

Every Return is a Customer Signal. Returns are the most explicit way for consumers to express dissatisfaction with an experience, product and brand. It’s their way of telling us we have to do better.
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Unlock Revenue Opportunities in Your Returns

AI driven actionable insights from Returnalyze unify fragmented data and empower you to prioritize revenue opportunities hidden in your returns data.
Automated AI identifies: issues, actions and revenue impact.


AI actionable insights let you visualize all of your returns data, drill down and filter by customer, segment, manufacturer, and product - all the way down to the SKU level. Instantly detect issues and receive automated notifications.


Turn customer frustration into delight and increase lifetime value by gaining a deep understanding of user behaviors. Use insights to change online experiences, and other product factors that impact returns.


Make a lasting impact on the business using AI-driven recommendations and predictive analytics to improve product assortment, inventory planning and operational inefficiencies. Utilize early detection algorithms to catch and fix issues early. 

Immediate Measurable Business Impact


Incremental Revenue


Improvement in Repurchase Rate


Return Rate Reduction

Learn About Returns

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