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By Returnalyze on September 08, 2023

Consumer Returns Conference: Operationalize Data Insights to Reduce Returns

Join us at the Consumer Returns Conference and learn how to operationalize data insights to reduce returns.

Consumer Returns Conference

Day 1 | October 2nd | 11:40 AM

Austin Marriott Downtown

304 E Cesar Chavez Street

Austin, TX 78701

Last year, retailers lost over $800 billion in sales from returns. The problem is that tracking down return drivers can be complicated. From changing consumer behaviors and warehouse management to manufacturing and marketing, reducing returns could require a quick fix somewhere along the way… or a complete overhaul.

Fortunately, returns data is a treasure trove of information that helps identify opportunities and inform targeted strategies that reduce returns and increase net profits. Sounds perfect, right? 

Don’t get us wrong, returns data is an essential aspect of optimizing reverse logistics. However, it doesn’t do you much good if you don’t know how to analyze the data or operationalize the insights. 

Interested? That’s what we’ll be discussing at this year's Consumer Returns Conference in October. 

Returnalyze at the Consumer Returns Conference

As the only peer-led forum for returns management leaders, the Consumer Returns Conference is THE place to be for top retailers, brands, and manufacturers wanting to talk returns. Basically, it’s two days of all the coolest people getting to connect and talk about improving post-purchase customer experiences, optimizing reverse logistics, preventing fraud, etc. We’re not the only ones geeking out about this, right?

The individuals who built and continue to nurture this community are made up of motivated leaders from a variety of industries. From electronics and CPGs to apparel and furniture, Consumer Returns understands that returns management is pivotal for every business. Previous speakers include Vice President of Global

Supply Chain at Target Corporation, Director of Product Management at Sam’s Club, Senior Vice President of Global Service Parts at Dell Technologies, and so many more. 

With that in mind, we’re thrilled and honored to be exhibiting at this year’s conference in Austin, Texas.

Consumer Returns Roundtable | How to Operationalize Data Insights to Reduce Returns

Some of the most common questions we get at Returnalyze sound something like, “This data is a game-changer… now what do we do with it?” or “Awesome analytics. Who’s going to be tackling the action plan?”

The biggest misconception is that access to this in-depth data creates additional work. Luckily for you, it’s the opposite. 

Be sure to sign up for the Returnalyze Roundtable on October 2nd and learn how a Returnalyze partnership actually frees up your time. Our VP of Customer Success, Christine Bradford, and our SVP of Business Development, Keith Savitz, will deep dive into ways businesses can implement data insights in relation to:

  • Customer Experience
  • Size & Fit
  • Operations
  • Product Assortment
  • Marketing Optimization

Take Control of Returns with the Returnalyze Intelligent Dashboard 

Access to the Returnalyze Intelligent Dashboard gives you the granular data needed to create targeted strategies. But that’s just the beginning. A partnership with Returnalyze comes with step-by-step guidance and analysis from our data experts.

Yes, you’ll gain access to a wealth of data, but we’ll be by your side to help comb through that data for insights and develop solutions that reduce returns and increase your bottom line.

Are you attending the Consumer Returns Conference? Contact us so we can connect and discuss all the ways you can take control of your returns today.

Published by Returnalyze September 8, 2023