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By Returnalyze on July 12, 2022

Returnalyze On A Mission to Help Retailers with Returns Analytics

How important is it to know the difference between returns and what they mean? For e-commerce retailers, being able to discern is crucial for successful business.

But how do you do it?

That's where we come in. We're a returns analytics company on a mission to help retailers take control of returns by discerning between them. We empower brands to apply actionable insight to leverage their data and change their outcomes.  


Returnalyze - Mission 2

Who We Are

At Returnalyze, we're on a mission to help retailers explore their returns data, solve their problems, and take metric-driven action to transform their business.

We're a single-source company for all things returns-analytics. Our AI-powered dashboard allows retailers to examine every aspect of their returns data, and uncover hidden gems of knowledge about their business. By understanding their returns, brands are understanding their business.

Incredible insight is waiting to be discovered among the data, and we make it easily accessible. Data analytics provided by a retailer's own returns can offer a multitude of solutions for issues faced by their business, and yes — it can even help to reduce unwanted returns.

But it's not just the software we're offering — at Returnalyze, we're providing software with service. Our smart dashboard uncovers the metrics and provides the actionable insights. Our team of experts guides each partner through all of the information found among their returns data, and we present helpful suggestions for leveraging the discoveries.


Returnalyze - Mission 3

How We Do It

We help brands predict, identify, and act on returns insight.

With one sophisticated dashboard, coupled with our holistic approach to examining key data findings, we're helping retailers understand every aspect of their business, suppliers, products, and customers.

Access to our platform enables our clients to track their returns and explore all of the finer details. Our intelligent system analyzes trends, finds outliers, and measures the impacts on business. Retailers can flag problematic suppliers, pinpoint delays in shipping, discover defective products, predict high-return items, and more.

A simple data exchange of CSV files is all it takes to get started, followed by the setting of key performance indicators. Users can track, analyze, and predict metrics such as profit loss, revenue, and more. Our retail partners are then able to explore and visualize every aspect of their products, suppliers, and customers, all within the streamlined and visually-friendly dashboard.  

Data barriers experienced by retailers are crushed with Returnalyze, and our unique analytics allow for incredible business insight and discoveries.


Returnalyze - Mission 4

Want These Results?

  • Understand and discern between returns

  • Returns rate reduction of 15%-20%

  • Hundreds of hours saved in operating costs

  • Elevated customer experience

  • Increased lifetime value and customer loyalty

  • Improved efficiency and sustainability

  • Immediate insights with dashboard activation

  • Anticipate and prevent returns before they happen

The benefits gained by leveraging your returns data goes well-beyond reducing unwanted returns. Detailed analytics provided by your returns data will not only tell you a lot about your business, it will even help you predict and anticipate certain business outcomes. 

Predictive models provided by our platform allow retailers to anticipate their returns issues and work to prevent them, and helps uncover various methods to leverage the data in beneficial ways. Our partners are not just reducing their unwanted returns — they're controlling their business and their bottom line. 

With our partnership, we'll walk you through every part of the process.  

E-commerce retailers we work with see their returns reduced, improve customer experience, make their business more sustainable, and experience immediate and long-term lasting results.


Returnalyze - Mission 5

Let's Work Together

While we pride ourselves in our ability to help retailers reduce their returns, we know that there isn't some universal solution for “fixing” returns problems. 

Rather, business solutions are discovered in tracking returns and using the data to make informed decisions specific to a given brand. Implementing these solutions is a perpetual process, and it's dependent upon actions over time — all which lead to returns controlled and outcomes changed.  

We value our relationships with brands, retailers, and businesses, and take a hands-on approach to our partnerships. Our intelligent dashboard is visually-guided and easy to use, and we are there to make sense of the analytics at every step of the way.  Regular check-ins with members of our team ensure that goals are met, and change persists. 

We invite you to meet our team, try out a demo of our dashboard, and discover how a partnership with Returnalyze can transform your business for the better.

Published by Returnalyze July 12, 2022